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FST004: Freddie Starr
Hairy chest (1)
C_Contact_186: Hale & Pace
Hale & Pace (1)
TOF129: Peter Ustinov And Wife
Hamper (2)
MB_SP_MA110: Muhammad Ali
Hana Ali (1)
TOA003: Derek Jarman
Hands together (1)
TOF231: Greta Scacchi
Hanging (1)
ES_F10_Contact_27: Hanna Schygulla
Hanna Schygulla (2)
D_Contact_052: Lesley-Anne Down
Hanover St (2)
BW_GR093: Harlow
Harlow (6)
LF_RS006: The Rolling Stones
Harmony Meteor (1)
M_Contact_127: Harold Macmillan
Harold Macmillan (2)
MW_POL010: Harold Wilson
Harold Wilson (4)
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford (92)
ETaylor_contact_094: Elizabeth Taylor
Harrison Fors (1)
MW_MU027: Mel Torme
Harrison Gibson (1)
ES_F37_Contact_26: Harrison Ford
Harrrison Ford (2)
TW_DE060: Gerry Mulligan and Harry Carney
Harry Carney (2)
Harry Enfield
Harry Enfield (3)
MW_AU018: Harry Evans
Harry Evans (1)
Harry Potter
Harry Potter (5)
NP_PE_ET023: Elizabeth Taylor
Harry Winston (1)
ES_F6_Contact_06: Jacqueline Bisset and Hart Bochner
Hart Bochner (3)
GB_PE044: Harvey Kietel
Harvey Kietel (1)
Bardot_Contact_054: Brigitte Bardot
Hasselblad (3)
TOA021: John Le Carre
Hatstand (1)
TOFA029: Isabell Kristensen
Haute couture (1)
ES_F8_Contact_16: Werner Herzog
Hawk (2)
MIG_SC259: Hayden Panettiere
Hayden Panettiere (1)
Hazel O'Connor
Hazel O'Connor (4)
TOC046: Piers Morgan
Headlines (1)
TOA019: Leslie Kenton
Health (2)
M_Contact_144: Heather Mills
Heather Mills (4)
TB036: The Beatles
Heathrow Airport (1)
Heaven 17
Heaven 17 (3)
LF_PN011: Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward
Helen Hayes Theatre (11)
MIG_SC182: Helen Hunt
Helen Hunt (1)
Helen Merrill
Helen Merrill (4)
Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren (17)
Helen Reddy
Helen Reddy (3)
TOF452: Helen Rollason
Helen Rollason (1)
S_Contact_083: Various
Helen Storey (1)
Helena Bonham Carter
Helena Bonham Carter (17)
Helena Geffers
Helena Geffers (1)
BW_HB005: Human Be In, Golden Gate Park
Hells Angels (1)
Henri Napier
Henri Napier (4)
Henry Cooper
Henry Cooper (5)
ES_F24_Contact_08: Henry Miller
Henry Miller (13)
TW_LA008: Louis Armstrong
Henry "Red" Allen (1)
P_Contact_005: Paramount Pictures Stars
Henry Winkler (2)
TW_RB014: Herb Ellis
Herb Ellis (4)
Herb Siler
Herb Siler (2)
ES_F31_Contact_27: The Last of Sheila
Herbert Ross (14)
TW_Cannonball Adderley006: Cannonball Adderley
Herbie Mann (1)
TOA022: Martin Amis
Highgate cemetery (1)
EBA001: The Animals
Hilton Valentine (1)
JDV_TW040: Flower Power Twiggy
Hippy (1)
HMQ010: HM Queen Elizabeth II
His Royal Highness (13)
TheWho_Contacts_019: The Who
Hisotrical home (2)
SB012: Shirley Bassey
Hit records (3)
PS019: Andress And Sellers
Hitler (1)
TOC030: Stock, Aitken And Waterman
Hits (1)
JDV_TW045: Twiggy In Pink Tights
Holder (2)
B_Contact_170: Richard Branson
Holland Park (1)
H_Contact_054: Various
Holly Hunter (15)
MIG_SP081: Holly McPeak & Elaine Youngs
Holly McPeak (1)
ES_F49_Contact_17: Marie-Christine Barrault
Hollywood Blvd (3)
E_Contact_012: Lord Lichfield
Honda CB450 (2)
SC043: Honor Blackman and Sean Connery
Honor Blackman (57)
TOF078: Olivia Newton-John
Hooded top (1)
TOF078: Olivia Newton-John
Hoody (2)
TW_Ray Charles001: Soul 60 with Dinah Washington, Ray Charles and Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers, 1960
Horace Silver (2)
TOA023: John Le Carre
Horizon (2)
LF_AH016: Audrey Hepburn
Horn & Hardart (1)
TOF137: Richardson Rehearses
Hospital bed (1)
ES_F44_Contact_14: Bobby Deerfield
Hot air ballons (6)
ES_F49_Contact_18: Marie-Christine Barrault
Hot dog (3)
SS010: Super Sandie
Hot pants (2)
TOC042: Mohamed Al Fayed
Hotel Ritz (1)
JM_BRC001: Brandi Carlile
House of Blues (16)
BW_JJ050: Janis Joplin
House party (3)
TW_HM002: Howard McGhee
Howard McGhee (1)
NP_FA_WP058: Wenda Parkinson at Howick Falls
Howick Falls (1)
EC_TomPetty_019: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Howie Epstein (20)
MIG_SC278: Howie Mandel
Howie Mandel (1)
BW_HW001: Howlin' Wolf
Howlin' Wolf (2)
GB_PE021: Duchess & Duke of Cambridge
HRH Prince William (1)
NP_RY030: British Royal Family
HRH Princess Margaret (6)
AS_PE031: Hubert de Givenchy
Hubert de Givenchy (4)
H_Contact_056: Various
Hudson+Halls (1)
JM_HUL001: Huey Lewis
Huey Lewis (6)
L_Contact_082: Maurice And Lulu
Hugging (1)
NP_PE_HC001: Sir Hugh Casson
Hugh Casson (1)
AMD003: Four Weddings Stars
Hugh Grant (3)
MIG_ART011: Hugh Hefner
Hugh Hefner (1)
R_Contact_101: Revolution
Hugh Hudson (6)
TOF458: Blackadder Cast
Hugh Laurie (5)
JM_ELO004: Electric Light Orchestra
Hugh McDowell (1)
BW_HR001: Hugh 'Wavy Gravy' Romney
Hugh Romney (1)
GB_PE045: Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan (1)
BW_HB003: Human Be In, Golden Gate Park
Human Be In (7)
H_Contact_056: Various
Humper Dinck (1)
TON_SharonTate_023: Sharon Tate
Humpty Dumpty (1)
TOP022: Alexander Thynn Marquess Of Bath
Hunting (1)
TOP017: Hussein bin Talal
Hussein bin Talal (3)
JDV_TW003: Twiggy In Knitwear
Huty (4)
JDV_TW044: Twiggy At Biba
Huty1560208 (1)
JDV_TW059: David Essex
Huty1571411 (1)
JDV_TW036: Twiggy In White
Huty1571414 (1)
BW_HS006: Hippie Sunrise, Buena Vista Park
Hymn (1)
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