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ES_F58_Contact_21: Jill Clayburgh
La Luna (2)
GM_RS038: Charlie Watts
LA State Fair (1)
NP_FA_40s098: Suits…Versatile
Lachasse (3)
NP09F1_1970_006: Tribute to Fox Talbot
Lacock Abbey (25)
TZ_IL001: Indian Larry
Laconia (1)
BW_GR024: Lacy
Lacy (5)
MIG_SP050: LaDainian Tomlinson
LaDainian Tomlinson (2)
NP_PE_ARH002: Arianna Huffington
Ladies in Blue (2)
M_Contact_108: Sarah Miles
Lady Caroline Lamb (11)
TOM142: Nigel Kennedy
Lady Elgar (1)
GB_PE054: Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga (1)
Sinatra_Contact_078: Frank Sinatra
Lady in Cement (13)
TOP025: Lady Kanga Tryon
Lady Kanga Tryon (1)
NP_RY039: A Royal Family
Lady Sarah Chatto (4)
T_Contact_034: Various
Lady Tryon (1)
TOC006: Lady Victoria Hervey
Lady Victoria Hervey (1)
TW_PH003: Percy Heath
Lake Motel (1)
NP_FA_JH008: Jerry Hall
Lake Sevan (1)
MB_SP_LC001: LaMar Clark
Lamar Clark (4)
ES_F45_Contact_06: Five Days One Summer
Lambert Wilson (28)
JDV_TW060: Twiggy
Lamé (1)
TOP025: Lady Kanga Tryon
Lamp shade (1)
JDV_TW046: Twiggy At Biba
Lamp|high (2)
JB064: James Bond
Lana Wood (1)
T_Contact_024: Thatcher Cabinet
Lancaster Kenneth Baker (3)
ES_F16_Contact_01: Isabella Rossellini
Lancome (4)
TOF127: William Hurt
Lantern (1)
NP_FA_60s042: The Dee Triplets
Lanvin (1)
NP_FA_NVS036: Nena von Schlebrügge
Lanvin Castillo (1)
TOA042: Alan Coren
Laphraoig (1)
TOFA030: Laraine Ashton
Laraine Ashton (1)
A_Contact_049: Various
Larraine Ashton (1)
EC_ST019: Steppenwolf
Larry Byrom (4)
MB_SP_LH021: Larry Holmes
Larry Holmes (9)
JM_U2014: U2
Larry Mullens (1)
MIG_TE018: Larry Page and Sergey Brin
Larry Page (9)
LF_LR001: Larry Rivers
Larry Rivers (1)
EC_EJ026: Elton John and Legs Larry
Larry Smith (3)
ES_MAB017: Marlon Brando
Last Tango in Paris (2)
BW_CS001: Carlos Santana
Latin American (1)
TOM203: Amy Grant
Laud (1)
TOFA010: Laura Bailey
Laura Bailey (2)
TOP046: Laura Bush
Laura Bush (5)
ES_F2_Contact_006: Laura Linney
Laura Linney (3)
BW_GR042: The Sanchez Twins
Laura Sanchez (7)
RS140: Who's That Girl?
Laurel Canyon (2)
ES_F7_Contact_26: Lauren Bacall
Lauren Bacall (10)
ES_F19_Contact_17: Lauren Hutton
Lauren Hutton (44)
MIG_SC140: Laurence Fishburne
Laurence Fishburne (3)
ES_F39_Contact_42: Laurence Harvey
Laurence Harvey (6)
GM_TWI006: Wings
Laurence Juber (6)
NP01A2_102: Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier
Laurence Olivier (24)
C_Contact_187: George Carman
Law (1)
MS004: Martha's Garden
Lawn (2)
TW_Duke Ellington005: Duke Ellington Orchestra
Lawrence Brown (1)
LF_PM001: HRH Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon
Lawrence Fired (3)
LF_JFK010: John F. Kennedy
Lawrence Fried (154)
EJ023: Elton John and Bernie Taupin
Le Figaro (6)
NP_FA_30s003: News in London
Le Monier (1)
L_Contact_077: Lyle Lovett
LE Studios (1)
NP04D4_1939_004: Golfing at le Touquet
Le Touquet (2)
Lead guitarist (2)
AC021: Officer Alice Cooper
Leahter (1)
MIG_SP080: Leanne McSorley
Leanne Mc Sorley (1)
LZ072: Jimmy Page
Led Zeppelin (190)
L_Contact_047: Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin: (1)
ROR005: Robert Redford
Lee (1)
MIG_MU196: Bow Wow Wow
Lee Gorman (6)
ES_F41_Contact_29: Burt Reynolds, Lee J Cobb and Sarah Miles
Lee J Cobb (1)
TOF193: Quaid And Lee Lewis
Lee Lewis (1)
PN069: Newman And Marvin
Lee Marvin (50)
TW_DW011: Lee Morgan
Lee Morgan (4)
R_Contact_125: Lee Remick
Lee Remick (2)
GM_MAD001: Madness
Lee Thompson (2)
JM_PAM025: Paul McCartney
Left-handed (7)
C_Contact_187: George Carman
Legal (1)
BW_BBK004: B.B King
Legion of Honor (2)
NP05E3_1952_040: Legroux Soeurs' Hat
Legroux Soeurs (2)
EC_EJ026: Elton John and Legs Larry
Legs Larry (3)
MW_AU013: Alfred Eisenstadt
Leica (3)
ES_F27_Contact_02: Leigh McCloskey
Leigh McCloskey (7)
Moore_Contact_029: Breakfast Bond
Leisure (2)
EJ285: Elton John
Lemonade (2)
TOM176: Evan Dando
Lemonheads (1)
MIG_SC292: Game of Thrones
Lena Headey (1)
TW_Tony Bennett002: Lena and Tony
Lena Horne (7)
TOF268: Red Nose Henry
Lenny Henry (4)
S_Contact_080: Various
Leo Sayer (8)
EC_LJ001: Freddie King an Leon Russell in the studio
Leon Russell (4)
MB_SP_OP207: Leon Spinks
Leon Spinks (13)
MIG_MU057: Leonard Bernstein
Leonard Bernstein (2)
LC001: Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen (14)
TW_Duke Ellington_M29: Duke Ellington
Leonard Feather (1)
STR002: Star Trek: Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, Jackson DeForest Kelley
Leonard Nimoy (10)
MIG_SC101: Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio (3)
TZ_SFB001: San Francisco Ballet
Leotard (1)
EJ059: Revie's England
Les Cocker (1)
TW_LM001: Les McCann
Les McCann (2)
Bardot_Contact_062: Brigitte Bardot
Les Novices (45)
MIG_MU050: Warren Zevon
Les Paul (2)
Bardot_Contact_093: Brigitte Bardot
Les Petroleuses (112)
F_Contact_006: Ford In Hanover Street
Lesley-Anne Down (1)
D_Contact_052: Lesley-Anne Down
Leslie Ann Down (7)
AN007: Leslie And Tony
Leslie Bricusse (1)
TOF114: Leslie Caron
Leslie Caron (5)
TOF425: Leslie Grantham
Leslie Grantham (5)
Raquel_contact_102: Raquel Welch
Leslie H Martinson (1)
TOA020: Leslie Kenton
Leslie Kenton (4)
TW_LY002: Lester Young
Lester Young (6)
W_contact_082: Virginia Wade
Letters (1)
TOM122: Level 42
Level 42 (1)
TheWho_Contacts_017: The Who
Levi's (1)
EC_TB009: Robbie Robertson and Levon Helm
Levon Helm (1)
GM_RS033: Charlie Watts
Lewis (6)
GM_OA002: Oasis
Liam Gallagher (11)
LF_PN006: Paul Newman
Light meter (1)
NP09F2_1946_007: Chinese Reflection
Lilian Albert (1)
NP_FA_WP046: Wenda Parkinson
Lilley & Skinner (1)
TW_LouisArmstrong_C281: Louis Armstrong
Lillian Armstrong (8)
TOF329: Fairbanks And Gish
Lillian Gish (3)
AG009: Huston And Gardner
Lillie Langtry (2)
GH019: Goldie Hawn
Lilo (1)
LF_LT001: Lily Tomlin
Lily Tomlin (4)
ES_F39_Contact_28: Linda Blair
Linda Blair (4)
TOF354: Linda Gray
Linda Gray (1)
Beatles_Contact_057: The Wings
Linda McCartney (87)
R_Contact_042: Various
Linda Robson (2)
EC_LR009: Linda Ronstadt
Linda Ronstadt (11)
ES_F45_Contact_38: O Lucky Man!
Lindsay Anderson (12)
JM_LIB005: Lindsey Buckingham
Lindsey Buckingham (4)
TOM096: Andrew Loog Oldham
Lionel Bart (1)
TW_LH001: Lionel Hampton
Lionel Hampton (3)
JM_LIO001: Lionel Richie
Lionel Richie (2)
TOF407: Lisa B
Lisa B (3)
B_Contact_092: Lisa Bonet
Lisa Bonet (1)
NP_FA_LF002: The American Collections
Lisa Fonssagrives (1)
TOM083: Lisa Stansfield
Lisa Stansfield (2)
BW_LR008: Little Richard
Little Richard (15)
LT007: Liv Tyler
Liv Tyler (8)
ES_LIU001: Liv Ullman
Liv Ullman (29)
Moore_Contact_004a: Roger Moore
Live and Let Die (64)
LF_BM002: Bette Midler
Live band (2)
GM_CC001: 10CC
Live & Let Live (1)
LF_ST003: The Apollo theatre
Live music (1)
GB_PE056: Liz Hurley
Liz Hurley (1)
GM_LT001: Liz Taylor
Liz Taylor (4)
M_Contact_113: Various
Liza Minnelli (60)
KC_LC001: Lloyd Cole In New York
Lloyd Cole (3)
TOC026: Frederic Fekkai
Loafers (1)
ES_F47_Contact_01: The Great Gatsby
Lois Chiles (3)
C_Contact_059: Alice Cooper and David Bailey
Lola Pfeiffer (1)
D_Contact_010: Various
Lolita Davidovich (2)
TOP022: Alexander Thynn Marquess Of Bath
Longleat (1)
TOP022: Alexander Thynn Marquess Of Bath
Longleat house (1)
MW_SC046: Kenneth Brannagh and Emma Thompson
Look Back in Anger (2)
DK_CE089: Penelope Tree
Look magazine (1)
H_Contact_052: Various
Lord Hesketh (1)
NP_RY033: HRH Princess Margaret and family
Lord Snowdon (18)
B_Contact_086: Various
Lord Weymouth (1)
L_Contact_013: Various
Lorna Luft (1)
TZ_CH001: Charleton Heston
Los Angeles magazine (3)
BW_LG008: Lotti Golden, 1969
Lotti Golden (5)
MB_MU_JL006: John Lennon in Beverly Hills
Lou Adler (4)
S_Contact_191: Young Guns
Lou Diamond Phillips (1)
P_Contact_005: Paramount Pictures Stars
Lou Gossett Jnr (2)
JM_FOR001: Foreigner
Lou Gramm (15)
R_Contact_119: Rory Gallagher Group
Lou Martin (9)
TW_Eubie Blake001: Eubie Blake
Lou Rawls (1)
KC_LR001: Lou Reed
Lou Reed (2)
TW_LB002: Louie Bellson
Louie Bellson (2)
TW_TSS001: The Sid Show
Louie Robinson (1)
TW_LA026: Ella Fitzgerald
Louis Armstrong (21)
TOF129: Peter Ustinov And Wife
Louis Roederer (1)
NP_FA_YSL001: The Perfectionists
Loulou de la Falaise (1)
EC_LOV002: Love
Love (5)
L_Contact_083: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Love Never Dies (1)
TOC024: Luca Di Montezemolo
Luca Cordero di Montezemolo (4)
NP_FA_50s044: The Evening Stole
Lucas Fur (2)
ES_F56_Contact_31: Death in Venice
Luchino Visconti (68)
LF_TC001: Black and White Ball
Luciana Pignatelli (1)
P_Contact_077: Luciano Pavarotti
Luciano Pavarotti (35)
GR002: George Raft
Lucky Strike (2)
MIG_SC022: Lucy Lawless
Lucy Lawless (4)
MIG_SC026: Lucy Liu
Lucy Liu (2)
ES_F54_Contact_30: Silvana Mangano
Ludwig (28)
BW_MJF015: Monterey Jazz Festival
Luggage (2)
AS_PE123: Paul Newman
Luigi Chinetti (30)
Moore_Contact_004b: Roger Moore
Luisa Mattioli (5)
B_Contact_155: Bros
Luke Goss (2)
MIG_SC110: Jason Priestley & Luke Perry
Luke Perry (1)
L_Contact_015: Various
Lulu (3)
ES_F14_Contact_32: Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci
Luna (24)
TW_JG001: Johnny Frigo, Lurlean Hunter and Johnny Griffin
Lurlean Hunter (1)
R_Contact_066: Eva Rueber-Staier
Lying woman (2)
L_Contact_068: Lyle Lovett
Lyle Lovett (9)
R_Contact_041: Various
Lynn Redgrave (1)
BW_GR097: Lynn Sanchez
Lynn Sanchez (9)
NP_FA_LS001: Lynn Sutherland
Lynn Sutherland (1)
ES_F30_Contact_06: Liv Ullman
Lynn Ullman (4)
TOM069: Lynsey de Paul
Lynsey de Paul (2)
MW_SC047: Kenneth Brannagh and Emma Thompson
Lyric Theatre (2)
TOF431: Lysette Anthony
Lysette Anthony (1)
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