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DB005: David Bowie & Elizabeth Taylor
M Gerard (3)
EC_LJ002: Mad Dogs And Englishmen Tour
Mad Dogs And Englishmen (2)
NP01A2_023: Madame Gres
Madame Gres (5)
ES_F7_Contact_36: Cybill Shepherd, Madeline Kahn, Peter Bogdanovich and Duilio De Prete
Madeline Kahn (1)
Moore_Contact_019: Roger Moore and Madeline Smith
Madeline Smith (20)
JM_MDS002: Madness
Madness (4)
JM_MAD001: Madonna
Madonna (4)
MW006: Mae West As Liberty
Mae West (2)
TOF026: Maggie Smith
Maggie Smith (2)
EC_CB003: Captain Beefheart
Magic Band (3)
MIG_SP019: Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson (2)
TW_DE050: Mahalia Jackson, Duke
Mahalia Jackson (12)
MIG_SC292: Game of Thrones
Maisie Williams (1)
ES_F45_Contact_36: O Lucky Man!
Malcolm McDowell (18)
KC_BWW001: Bow Wow Wow
Malcolm McLaren (13)
BW_MM001: Malcolm Muggeridge
Malcolm Muggeridge (1)
Malcolm Young (5)
A_Contact_032: Malcolm Allison; Derek Dougan; Jack Charlton
Malcom Allison (5)
NP04D4_1935_001: Paget Twins and Helen Trefusis
Mamaine Paget (1)
ES_RIH001: RIchard Harris
Man in the Wilderness (8)
BW_TW014: The Who
Manager one person (1)
NP_FA_MAB001: Marc Bohan
Marc Bohan (1)
B_Contact_005: Marc Bolan
Marc Bolan (8)
ES_F10_Contact_29: Ornella Muti
Marco Ferreri (8)
MPW001: Marco Pierre White
Marco Pierre White (1)
BW_GR009: Margaret
Margaret (1)
NP_PE_MB001: Margaret Banks
Margaret Banks (1)
NP_FA_NH001: Norman Hartnell
Margaret Phillips (1)
MIG_SC052: Margaret Qualley
Margaret Qualley (3)
TOF504: London Palladium
Margaret Rutherford (1)
NP_PE_MT004: Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher (44)
NP_FA_40s096: Smocked Spots
Margaret Vyner (2)
NP_PE_MF002: Robert Helpmann & Margot Fonteyn
Margot Fonteyn (2)
ES_F8_Contact_24: Margot Kidder
Margot Kidder (1)
TOM140: Maria Ewing
Maria Ewing (2)
ES_F12_Contact_02: Last Tango in Paris, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, 1972
Maria Schneider (23)
MIG_ART016: Maria Shriver
Maria Shriver (3)
GM_MF005: Marianne Faithfull & Mick Jagger
Marianne Faithfull (66)
ES_F49_Contact_18: Marie-Christine Barrault
Marie-Christine Barrault (3)
NP09F2_1957_007: Fuchsia - for Autumn Brilliance!
Marie-Hélene Arnaud (2)
MW_SC042: Marilyn Chambers
Marilyn Chambers (1)
TOM204: The Fifth Dimension
Marilyn McCoo (1)
TOF249: Stephanie Lawrence
Marilyn Monroe (3)
TOS055: Mario Andretti
Mario Andretti (2)
NP_FA_YLD001: Young London Fashion Designers
Marion Foale (1)
NP_PE_CB001: Cecil and Marisa
Marisa Berenson (27)
ES_F39_Contact_20: Marissa Berenson
Marissa Berenson (7)
A_Contact_031: Marit Allen
Marit Allen (1)
NP_FA_40s027: A Rugby Game
Marjorie Castle (3)
NP_FA_50s080: Vogue 1950
Marjorie Stewart (1)
GM_MAD001: Madness
Mark Bedford (3)
NP_PE_MAB001: Mark Birley
Mark Birley (1)
B_Contact_001: Big Country
Mark Brzezicki (2)
NP05E2_1950_072F: Back to Formality
Mark Gilbey (10)
SW002: Luke And Leia
Mark Hamill (2)
T_Contact_042: Prince's Trust 10th Anniversary
Mark King (2)
JM_DIS010: Dire Straits
Mark Knopfler (12)
GM_GX005: Mark Laff
Mark Laff (1)
TOF039: Lester And Wild
Mark Lester (2)
NP_RY049: HRH Princess Anne, The Princess Royal
Mark Phillips (2)
Bowie_Contact_01c: David Bowie
Mark Ronson (1)
TOS049: Mark Spitz
Mark Spitz (4)
Mark White (3)
MW_POL006: Enoch Powell
Mark Woodnutt (1)
JM_BRS064: Bruce Springsteen
Marlboro County (19)
MD005: Dietrich Curtain Call
Marlene Dietrich (9)
ES_F12_Contact_23: Last Tango in Paris, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, 1972
Marlon Brando (34)
LF_AH005: Audrey on Broadway
Marquee (3)
B_Contact_086: Various
Marquess of Bath (1)
MIG_MU139: Paul Simon
Marquis Theater (3)
NP_FA_40s113: Choice of the Month
Marshall & Snelgrove (2)
NP_PE_MG001: Martha Graham
Martha Graham (1)
MS001: Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart (1)
ES_F44_Contact_22: Bobby Deerfield
Marthe Keller (7)
TOS019: Formula 1
Martin Brundle (2)
Martin Fry (4)
MIG_MU088: Depeche Mode
Martin Gore (1)
TOM077: Spandau Ballet
Martin Kemp (2)
MIG_SC013: Martin Landau
Martin Landau (1)
TW_CR020: Civil Rights
Martin Luther King (35)
MIG_SC247: Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese (11)
NP05E1_1946_021B: Sea-shore Look
Martin White (6)
MIG_SP001: Martina Navratilova
Martina Navratilova (1)
EC_JA011: Jefferson Airplane
Marty Balin (1)
MAF001: Feldman As Igor
Marty Feldman (3)
ES_F59_Contact_01: Sally Field
Marty Ritt (5)
TOM093: Marty Wilde
Marty Wilde (1)
EC_MG004: Marvin Gaye
Marvin Gaye (4)
MIG_SP004: Marvin Hagler
Marvin Hagler (2)
MIG_MU062: Marvin Hamlisch
Marvin Hamlisch (1)
GM001: Groucho Marx
Marx Brothers (1)
NP05E2_1950_003B: 1950s Vogue
Mary Drage (6)
NP_FA_60s010: Mary Ford
Mary Ford (1)
NP_PE_MJ001: Mary Jerrold
Mary Jerrold (1)
MIG_SC205: Mary Kate Olson
Mary Kate Olson (2)
LF_YB004: Salute to Rodgers and Hammerstein: General Foods 25th Anniversary Show
Mary Martin (2)
JF_PM006: Paul McCartney
Mary McCartney (1)
NP02B3_098: Iman
Mary McFadden (4)
NP01A2_006: Adam Faith
Mary O'Flaherty (23)
MQ003: Quant, Moon and Collins
Mary Quant (25)
LF_TC001: Black and White Ball
Masked (2)
LF_TC001: Black and White Ball
Masks (2)
BW_WS265: Woodstock Music & Art Fair
Mass (1)
FK001: Horror Quartet
Masters of Horror (6)
GM_SU001: Suede
Mat Osman (2)
MM004: French actress Mathilda May, circa 1995.
Mathilda May (1)
NP_FA_WP032: Wenda Parkinson
Matita (6)
ES_F20_Contact_32: The Bourne Supremacy
Matt Damon (15)
B_Contact_155: Bros
Matt Goss (2)
ES_F58_Contact_22: Matthew Barry
Matthew Barry (1)
ES_F52_Contact_18: Matthew Broderick
Matthew Broderick (2)
MIG_SC199: Matthew LeBlanc
Matthew LeBlanc (4)
MIG_SC219: Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey (5)
JB122: Maud Adams
Maud Adams (2)
NP_FA_60s049: Fashion in Wales
Maudie James (3)
JM_BG001: Bee Gees
Maurice Gibb (2)
TOP015: Harold Macmillan
Maurice MacMillan (1)
TW_MR002: Max Roach
Max Roach (2)
NP09F2_1950_011A: Paris Spectaculars
Maxime de la Falaise (3)
MIG_MU122: En Vogue
Maxine Jones (1)
NP_PE_MK001: Maxwell Knight
Maxwell Knight (1)
LZ094: Jimmy Page
May 1975 (2)
TW_MF001: Maynard Ferguson Orchestra at 'Sid McCoy & Friends'
Maynard Ferguson (3)
MIG_MU121: N.W.A.
MC Ren (2)
MIG_MU141: Meat Loaf
Meat Loaf (1)
TOM062: Noel And Meg At Home
Meg Mathews (1)
NP_FA_60s042: The Dee Triplets
Megan Dee (1)
MIG_SC029: Mel Brooks
Mel Brooks (10)
TOF504: London Palladium
Mel Ferrer (3)
MIG_SC073: Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson (4)
B_Contact_052: Helena Bonham Carter, Richard E. Grant and Mel Smith
Mel Smith (3)
TOM160: Mel Torme
Mel Torme (2)
M_Contact_125: Mel B of Spice Girls
Melanie Brown (1)
NP_FA_MH001: Greeced Lightning
Melanie Hampshire (3)
ES_F35_Contact_10: Melina Mercouri
Melina Mercouri (6)
JM_MEE001: Melissa Etheridge
Melissa Etheridge (2)
BW_AK001: Albert King
Memphis (1)
TOF209: David Puttnam
Memphis Belle (1)
BW_MFM001: Mississippi Fred McDowell
Memphis Country Blues Festival (3)
JM_MAW001: Men at Work
Men at Work (1)
EC_GK001: Gladys Knight & The Pips
Merald "Bubba" Knight (5)
TW_DE010: Duke and Mercer Ellington
Mercer Ellington (2)
NP_FA_40s083: Vogue Summer 1942 Dorville Advert
Meredith Richards (5)
TOS057: Merlene Ottey
Merlene Ottey (1)
LF_MS002: Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep (27)
ES_F47_Contact_06: The Great Gatsby
Mia Farrow (32)
JM_VAN007: Van Halen
Michael Anthony (9)
MIG_SC204: Michael Bay
Michael Bay (1)
B_Contact_081: Various
Michael Brandon (3)
MB_SP_JY002: Jimmy Young
Michael Brennan (371)
MC099: Michael Caine
Michael Caine (207)
TOM011: The Phantom
Michael Crawford (3)
D_Contact_027: Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas (27)
EC_JH082: Jimi Hendrix and Michael Goldstein
Michael Goldstein (1)
JM_BYZ001: Boyzone
Michael Graham (5)
MIG_MU048: Dionne Warwick
Michael Grecco Dionne Warwick (2)
TOF066: Michael J. Pollard
Michael J. Pollard (1)
JM_MIJ001: Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson (15)
MIG_SP013: Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson (3)
EC_ST016: Steppenwolf
Michael Monarch (1)
TOS015: Michael Owen
Michael Owen (1)
TOF374: Michael Palin
Michael Palin (2)
P_Contact_027: Michael Parkinson
Michael Parkinson (5)
MIG_SC006: Michael Richards
Michael Richards (3)
TOF506: Rex Reed
Michael Sarne (1)
E_Contact_021: Bernie Ecclestone
Michael Schuhmacher (6)
NP05E2_1950_035B: Vogue 1950
Michael Sherard (3)
MIG_MU086: The Bangles
Michael Steele (2)
Michael Ward
Michael Ward (202)
TOF508: Michael Winner
Michael Winner (2)
NP_FA_CDO004: 'A Fortune in Beauty'
Michaele Vollbracht (2)
TOS019: Formula 1
Michele Alboreto (2)
MIG_ART026: Michelle Aston
Michelle Aston (1)
TOF285: Michelle Collins
Michelle Collins (2)
ES_MIP002: Michelle Pfeiffer
Michelle Pfeiffer (9)
ES_F52_Contact_24: Michelle Pfieffer and Rutger Hauer
Michelle Pfieffer (9)
MIP003: Michelle Phillips
Michelle Phillips (7)
TOS104: Revie's England
Mick Channon (2)
JM_FLM008: Fleetwood Mac
Mick Fleetwood (1)
RS170: The Stones in Regent's Park
Mick Jagger (225)
JM_FOR026: Foreigner
Mick Jones (21)
EJ059: Revie's England
Mick Mills (2)
JM_BAC001: Bad Company
Mick Ralphs (1)
TOF042: Mick Robertson
Mick Robertson (2)
Bowie_Contact_06: David Bowie, Mick Ronson and Mike Garson
Mick Ronson (4)
GM_SC001: The Style Council
Mick Talbot (1)
RS321: The Rolling Stones
Mick Taylor (2)
GM_SW004: Sweet
Mick Tucker (7)
BW_GD013: Mickey Hart
Mickey Hart (1)
MR021: Mickey Rourke
Mickey Rourke (35)
MIG_ART004: Mickey Spillane
Mickey Spillane (2)
BW_RS034: Mick Jagger
Microphones (7)
TOM005: Pop Stars
Midge Ure (4)
H_Contact_007: Dustin Hoffman
Midnight Cowboy (1)
TOS027: Bernie Ecclestone, Prince Andrew, Lord Bamford
Mika Hakinnen (1)
GM_MAD002: Madness
Mike Barson (2)
B_Contact_020: Mike Batt
Mike Batt (1)
EC_EC002: Eric Clapton and Mike Bloomfield
Mike Bloomfield (2)
EC_TomPetty_006: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Mike Campbell (20)
TOF105: New Avenger
Mike Gambit (1)
Bowie_Contact_11a: David Bowie
Mike Garson (6)
EC_TBB017: Al Jardine and Mike Love
Mike Love (5)
ES_ARG003: Mike Nichols / Art Garfunkel
Mike Nichols (3)
ES_F5_Contact_41: Alan Arkin, Olimpia Carlisi, Mike Nichols and Art Garfunkel
Mike Nihols (5)
O_Contact_008: Mike Oldfield
Mike Oldfield (2)
MIG_SP010: Mike Piazza
Mike Piazza (3)
TOF067: Mike Reid
Mike Reid (1)
JM_GEN005: Genesis
Mike Rutherford (1)
MB_SP_MT006_new: Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield
Mike Tyson (28)
MIB001: Mikhail Baryshnikov
Mikhail Baryshnikov (1)
ES_SEC013: Sean Connery & Claudia Cardinale
Mikhail Kalatozov (1)
TW_Miles_Davis_NP47: Miles Davis
Miles Davis (22)
MIG_SC076: Milla Jovovich
Milla Jovovich (1)
AC002: Alice Cooper
Miller (2)
NP_FA_YLD001: Young London Fashion Designers
Milliner James Wedge (1)
Mills College rock and roll conference (1)
BW_BG001: Bill Graham
Mills College Rock ‘n’ Roll Conference (1)
TOF385: Mimi Rogers
Mimi Rogers (1)
NP_FA_CDO016: 'San Simeon: An American Fantasy'
Mimi Trujillo (1)
D_Contact_047: Minnie Driver
Minnie Driver (4)
ES_F6_Contact_29: Miou-Miou
Miou-Miou (7)
B_Contact_085: Various
Miranda Richardson (4)
NP_PE_TMS001: Tom and Miriam Stoppard
Miriam Stoppard (1)
JB087: James Bond
Miss Caruso (1)
BW_GR007: Group portrait of the GTO's
Miss Christine (6)
NP04D4_1944_014B: Suits…Versatile
Miss Cuff (1)
BW_GR007: Group portrait of the GTO's
Miss Cynderella (7)
NP05E3_1956_001C: Pat Bowden
Miss Finland (4)
EC_GTO001: The GTOs
Miss Lucy (1)
BW_GR057: Miss Mercy
Miss Mercy (10)
BW_GR005: Group portrait of the GTO's
Miss Pamela (15)
NP04D4_1944_036: Highlighting Accessories
Miss Parr (2)
TV_Contact_024: Elton John
Miss Piggy (13)
BW_GR007: Group portrait of the GTO's
Miss Sandra (9)
EC_GTO001: The GTOs
Miss Sparkie (1)
BW_GR008: Group portrait of the GTO's
Miss Sparky (6)
R_Contact_067: Eva Rueber-Staier
Miss World (3)
BW_MFM001: Mississippi Fred McDowell
Mississippi Fred McDowell (1)
GM_JH015: Jimi Hendrix
Mitch Mitchell (24)
NP_PE_JH001: John Huston
Moby Dick (1)
JM_JAM001: The Jam
Mod revival (3)
S_Contact_060: Terence Stamp and Monica Vitti
Modesty Blaise (11)
CB001: Candice Bergen
Modigliani (1)
FD052: Faye Dunaway
Mommie Dearest (4)
Caine_Contact_035: Michael Caine
Mona Lisa (12)
ES_F10_Contact_07: Monica Vitti
Monica Vitti (15)
TT002: The Touchables
Monika Ringwald (1)
BW_MJF006: Monterey Jazz Festival
Monterey Jazz Festival (32)
EC_JH002: Hendrix At Monterey
Monterey Pop Festival (14)
NP_PE_MC002: Montgomery Cliff
Montgomery Clift (3)
TOM152: Barcelona Duo
Montserrat Caballe (1)
MW_SC044: Terry Jones
Monty Python (2)
JM_SMO001: Smokey Robinson
Moondog Coronation Ball (8)
MIG_SC230: Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman (2)
ES_F43_Contact_26: James Mason
Morgan Mason (6)
JM_CUL002: Boy George
Morning Exchange (2)
ES_F8_Contact_02: Stirling Moss
Motorsport (8)
ES_F47_Contact_33: Five Days One Summer
Mountaineering (32)
LF_MB007: Marlon Brando
Movies (9)
DBA003: David Bailey
Moyra Swan (1)
NP_FA_JW004: Jan Ward
Mr. Freedom (1)
NP_FA_40s135: Cocktail Story
Mr. & Mrs. Colin (1)
LF_JFK021: Jackie Kennedy
Mr. President (4)
NP04D4_1944_014B: Suits…Versatile
Mrs Parkinson (2)
TW_MW001: Muddy Waters
Muddy Waters (4)
GM_SD003: Spencer Davis Group
Muff Winwood (4)
MB_SP_OP164: Ken Norton
Muhammad Ali (314)
MIG_SC135: David Duchovny
Mulder (3)
JM_FOR026: Foreigner
Municipal Stadium (7)
Raquel_Contact_015: Raquel Welch and Miss Piggy
Muppet (1)
TV_Contact_025: Elton John
Muppet Show (8)
TOF463: Frank Oz
Muppets (24)
Raquel_Contact_015: Raquel Welch and Miss Piggy
Muppets Show (1)
Music (6268)
BW_BSF009: Big Sur Folk Festival
Music festival (129)
RW124: Raquel Welch
Myra Breckinridge (58)
NP_FA_NH001: Norman Hartnell
Myrtle Crawford (3)
NP05E3_1956_035C: Anne Gunning
Mysore City (4)
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