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NP_FA_DO003: Della Oake
C Lloyd Harding (1)
DOR_PS005: Patti Smith
Cab (2)
MG_MM083: Marilyn Monroe
Cadillac Eldorado (1)
Elton_Contact_376: Elton John and Bernie Taupin
Cafe Les Deux Magots (20)
TW_George Shearing_M72: George Shearing
Cal Tjader (7)
DOR_BLD002: Blondie
Camden Town (1)
NP_FA_DO003: Della Oake
Cameo Corner (1)
LF_BP043: Bettie Page
Camera club (2)
TW_Drums_D18: Newport Jazz Festival
Camera's (1)
TOA064: Cameron Mackintosh
Cameron Mackintosh (3)
TW_RC023: The Raelettes
Camino Real Hotel (1)
R_Contact_024: Robert Redford
Camo (1)
DK_JL001: John Lennon
Camouflage (1)
DOR_GL001: Glastonbury Festival
Camping (1)
MR_EJ008: Elton John
Canada Water (2)
C_Contact_179: Martin Clunes
Cancer Research UK (2)
Candice Bergen
Candice Bergen (94)
GM_DAG009: Dana Gillespie
Candlelight (4)
EC_RodneyBingenheimer_004: Rodney Bingenheimer
Candy (1)
MW_ST045: Crufts
Canines (2)
TW_Orchestra Hall_M162: Chicago Orchestra Hall
Cannonball Adderly (2)
TBL004: Blair's Journey
Cantine (1)
GM_LiverpoolExpress_Linx_001: Liverpool Express, Linx
Canute Edwards (1)
NeilKinnock_01A: Neil Kinnock
Capital (25)
EC_CB005: Captain Beefheart
Captain Beefheart (5)
NP_RY038: HRH Princess Anne
Captain Mark Phillps (1)
NP_FA_CDO028: Seascapes with Figures
Captain O.M. Watts (1)
DK_BB024: Brigitte Bardot
Cards (16)
MB_RY003: HM Queen Elizabeth II
Caribbean (1)
Beatles_Contact_022: Paul McCartney
Carl Davis (4)
JM_AS002: Asia
Carl Palmer (1)
Carl Wilson
Carl Wilson (32)
Carla Bruni
Carla Bruni (4)
ES_F14_Contact_38: Luna
Carlo Verdone (1)
DOR_DB082: David Bowie
Carlos Alomar (3)
Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana (3)
MW_ST054: Streets of Soho, 1950s
Carlsberg (1)
DOR_RS003: Rolling Stones
Carlton Tower hotel (2)
Carly Simon
Carly Simon (36)
NP Carmel Strelein_003: Carmel Strelein
Carmel Strelein (4)
Carmen Dell’Orefice
Carmen Dell’Orefice (2)
MIG_SC211: Carmen Electra
Carmen Electra (1)
Carmen McRae
Carmen McRae (14)
DOR_DB082: David Bowie
Carmine Rojas (3)
EC_CarolBennett_001: Carol Bennett
Carol Bennett (1)
Carol White
Carol White (3)
ES_F49_Contact_24: Carole Andre
Carole Andre (13)
Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera (2)
ES_F54_Contact_29: Caroline Cellier
Caroline Cellier (4)
DOR_TL020: Phil Lynott
Caroline Crowther (1)
Caroline Munro
Caroline Munro (18)
TW_Slim Gaillard_M149: Slim Galliard
Carolyn Williams (1)
NP_FA_50s042: Perfume advert
Caron (3)
EC_BlueMoutainEagle_002: Blue Mountian Eagle
Carraef (5)
Carrie Fisher
Carrie Fisher (15)
ES_F39_Contact_24: Carroll Baker
Carroll Baker (2)
Cary Grant
Cary Grant (4)
Casino Royale
Casino Royale (99)
GM_Funkapolitan_001: Funkapolitan
Cassette player (2)
ROR018: Robert Redford
Cassette recorder (1)
GM_Funkapolitan_001: Funkapolitan
Cassette tape (2)
Cat Stevens
Cat Stevens (12)
Catherine Deneuve
Catherine Deneuve (29)
Catherine James
Catherine James (5)
Catherine Middleton
Catherine Middleton (2)
Catherine Schell
Catherine Schell (2)
TOF014: Catherine Spaak
Catherine Spaak (1)
W_Contact_050: Various
Catherine Walker (2)
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Catherine Zeta-Jones (14)
I_Contact_012: Eric Idle
Catherine Zeta Jones (1)
ES_F30_Contact_17: Liv Ullman
Catholicism (10)
TOF299: Catrina Skepper
Catrina Skepper (2)
VS009: Vidal Sassoon
Catya Sassoon (1)
TOA041: John Mortimer
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (1)
DOR_PM001: Paul McCartney
Cavern Club (2)
TW_Ray Charles003: Newport Jazz Festival
CBS (1)
TW_002: Lionel Hampton
CBS-TV (2)
EC_CREEDENCE_042: Creedence Clearwater Revival
CCR (75)
Cecil Beaton
Cecil Beaton (19)
TW_CEW002: Cedar Walton
Cedar Walton (2)
Celia Hammond
Celia Hammond (48)
NP04D4_1935_001: Paget Twins and Helen Trefusis
Celia Paget (2)
TW_WH006: Woody Herman
Cello (2)
DOR_DM001: Dropkick Murphys
Celtic (1)
TW_Central Plaza_M132: Central Plaza NYC
Central Plaza (5)
GM_CAT003: Cerys Matthews
Cerys Matthews (1)
GM_CJ001: Chad & Jeremy
Chad Stuart (1)
TW_Cannonball Adderley005: Cannonball Adderley
Chaicago (1)
TOP045: General Shalikashvili
Chairman (1)
JM_CHK001: Chaka Khan
Chaka Khan (2)
DOR_BLD005: Blondie
Chalk Farm (2)
EJ081: Elton John
Chandeliers (1)
NP_FA_CHA001: Chandrika Angadi
Chandrika Angadi (1)
DK_CC008: Coco Chanel
Chanel (48)
DOR_DB053: David Bowie
Chao Phraya river (2)
GM_DL_RL_AL_001: Dandy Livingstone, Roddy Llewelyn, Abraham Lincoln
Charisma Records (1)
Charles Aznavour
Charles Aznavour (10)
P_Contact_004: Paramount Pictures Stars
Charles Bronson (2)
MIG_MU113: Charles Brown
Charles Brown (1)
CCH001: Charlie Chaplin and Carlo Ponti
Charles Chaplin (1)
NP05E2_1949_034B: London Spring Collections
Charles Creed (6)
MU001: The Muppet's Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens (3)
NP_FA_JS005: Jean Shrimpton
Charles Jourdan (2)
TOP039: Charles Kennedy
Charles Kennedy (2)
TW_MIN001: Charles Mingus
Charles Mingus (2)
TZ_CH001: Charleton Heston
Charleton Heston (1)
WW002: Willy Wonka
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2)
TW_CHB001: Charlie Byrd
Charlie Byrd (11)
K_contact_048: Billie Jean King
Charlie Chaplin (22)
GM_TW003: Toyah Willcox
Charlie Francis (1)
TW_TA003: Toshiko Akiyoshi and Charlie Mariano
Charlie Mariano (1)
TW_CP002: Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie
Charlie Parker (4)
TW_Johnny Griffin_M11: Johnny Griffin
Charlie Pensip (1)
MB_SP_OP042: Charlie Powell
Charlie Powell (2)
TW_TM024: Charlie Rouse
Charlie Rouse (4)
S_Contact_191: Young Guns
Charlie Sheen (2)
TW_GS004: Charlie Ventura
Charlie Ventura (3)
GM_RS036: Charlie Watts
Charlie Watts (159)
TOF421: Charlotte Lewis
Charlotte Lewis (1)
ES_F48_Contact_03: Charlotte Rampling
Charlotte Rampling (70)
EA_HF001: Charlotte Stribling
Charlotte Stribling (1)
H_Contact_052: Various
Charlton Heston (11)
GM_Groups_001: Smokie, Eurythmics, Sparks, Slade, Cliff Richard, Toyah Wilcox, Madness, The Belle Stars, Suzi Quatro
Chas Smash (3)
DK_CH022: Cher
Chastity (2)
NP_RY002: Duchess of Devonshire
Chatsworth House (1)
DK_CH022: Cher
Chaz (2)
GM_LOTW_1151A: Light of the World
Check Us Out (2)
S_Contact_073: Terence Stamp
Checked suit (3)
GM_BC_001A: Bing Crosby
Checker (1)
L_Contact_076: Julian Lennon
Checkered shirt (4)
L_Contact_072B: Julian Lennon
Checks (4)
ET028: Elizabeth Taylor
Chefs (2)
MIG_SC280: Chelsea Handler
Chelsea Handler (5)
Caine_Contact_023: Michael Caine
Chelsea Harbour (1)
DOR_TSU001: The Subways
Cheltenham (1)
GM_Funkapolitan_001: Funkapolitan
Cheque book (2)
Elton_Contact_439: Elton John
Cher (49)
TBL014: The Blairs At Christmas
Cherie Blair (6)
DOR_DB073: David Bowie
Cher's sister (1)
TOF383: Cheryl Baker
Cheryl Baker (1)
TOF117: Cheryl Ladd
Cheryl Ladd (2)
ES_F37_Contact_11: Iman Abdulmajid
Chess players (4)
MR_EJ010: Elton John
Chess set (1)
JSJ012: Jill St. John
Chessboard (1)
GM_Genesis_002: Genesis
Chester Thompson (1)
DBA008: David Bailey
Chesterfiled (1)
TOF280: Playboy Merton
Chevrolet Corvette (1)
MIG_SC088: Chevy Chase
Chevy Chase (1)
EC_AndyGibb_005: Andy Gibb
Chicagofest (3)
TW_Tony Scott_NP28: Tony Scott
Chico Hamilton (3)
MW_ST042: Racial tension in Manchester
Children playing (2)
JM_DEV001: Devo
Chili Dog Mac (1)
DK_FD013: Faye Dunaway
Chinatown (9)
GM_AL_001A: British singer Annie Lennox
Chinnichap (1)
MIG_SC231: James Caan
Chips (2)
TW_DB018: Chis Connor
Chis Connor (1)
AC005: Alice Cooper
Chivas Regal (3)
EC_ChocolateWatchBand_001: The Chocolate Watchband
Chocolate Watch Band (2)
TOM138: Maria Ewing
Chopin (1)
DK_AM001: Ann Margret
Chopper (2)
TW_Ray Brown_M390: Ray Brown, 'How to play double bass'
Chord positions (2)
BW_GR079: Chris Brooks
Chris Brooks (1)
TW_Chris Connor_M8: Chris Connor
Chris Connor (1)
BW_AU002: Chris Cornell
Chris Cornell (4)
GM_UV002: Ultravox
Chris Cross (1)
GM_TH001: The Hives
Chris Dangerous (1)
D_Contact_010: Various
Chris de Souza (1)
DOR_SQU001: Squeeze
Chris Difford (1)
TOS034: Chris Evert
Chris Evert (3)
MIG_SC160: Actor Chris Farley
Chris Farley (9)
DOR_SK001: Slipknot
Chris Fehn (1)
GM_MAD002: Madness
Chris Foreman (3)
DOR_TH001: Talking Heads
Chris Frantz (1)
GM_AHB001: The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
Chris Glen (1)
DOR_EIS001: Explosions In The Sky
Chris Hrasky (1)
TOM082: Chris Isaak
Chris Isaak (1)
R_Contact_089: Roaring Boys
Chris Jones (21)
GM_WKF_1478C: Wynder K. Frog
Chris Mercer (4)
TOF398: All For One
Chris O'Donnell (1)
TOM050: Chris Rea
Chris Rea (3)
MIG_SC036: Chris Rock
Chris Rock (2)
JM_BLO036: Blondie
Chris Stein (11)
DOR_PRE001: The Pretenders
Chrissie Hynde (6)
CHS001: Chrissie Shrimpton & David Bailey
Chrissie Shrimpton (3)
EC_CRUSADERS_002: The Crusaders
Christian (2)
TOF413: Christian Bale
Christian Bale (2)
NP05E3_1956_035C: Anne Gunning
Christian Dior (12)
BB185: Brigitte Bardot
Christian-Jaque (119)
DOR_DB057: David Bowie
Christiane F (1)
MIG_SC115: Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate (3)
R_Contact_111: Christina Ricci
Christina Ricci (3)
NP_FA_CS001: Christina Steichen
Christina Steichen (3)
NP12Q230_001: Christine Davis
Christine Davis (9)
NP_FA_60s042: The Dee Triplets
Christine Dee (1)
K_Contact_004: Various
Christine Keeler (1)
DOR_FM001: Fleetwood Mac
Christine McVie (5)
TOM154: Christoph von Dohnanyi
Christoph von Dohnanyi (1)
B_Contact_084: Various frames
Christopher Bail (1)
H_Contact_058: Various
Christopher Hope (2)
A_Contact_017: Christopher Lee and Ursula Andress
Christopher Lee (16)
CT003: Christy Turlington
Christy Turlington (7)
GM_Linx_1037C: Linx
Chrysalis (5)
CHB001: Chuck Berry
Chuck Berry (79)
TW_Chuck Suber_M189: Chuck Suber
Chuck Suber: Contact Sheet (1)
MB_SP_OP050: Chuck Wepner
Chuck Wepner (16)
TZ_CY001: Chuck Yeager
Chuck Yeager (1)
EC_ChunkyErnieNovi_003: Chunky, Novi & Ernie
Chunky (3)
EA_CT001: Cicely Tyson
Cicely Tyson (1)
MB_PE_JB001: Jimmy Breslin
Cigarette machine (1)
V_Contact_002: Monica Vitti
Cigarette smoking (1)
B_Contact_161: Cilla Black and Kevin Keegan
Cilla Black (5)
EJ303: Elton John
Cindy Bullens (5)
Cindy Crawford
Cindy Crawford (7)
MIG_MU122: En Vogue
Cindy Herron (1)
P_Contact_004: Paramount Pictures Stars
Cindy Williams (2)
ES_F5_Contact_26: Richard Burton and Tatum O'Neal
Circle of Two (15)
GB_PE087: Prince Charles
Cirencester Polo Club (1)
EC_CH002: Cissy Houston
Cissy Houston (3)
EC_EJ035: Elton John
Civic Auditorium (1)
NP_PE_CLB001: Claire Bloom
Claire Bloom (5)
TOF360: Claire King
Claire King (1)
JM_BRS061: Bruce Springsteen
Clarence Clemons (25)
ES_F43_Contact_25: James Mason
Clarissa Kaye (7)
TW_DE062: Clark Terry
Clark Terry (14)
TOF331: Claudette Colbert
Claudette Colbert (2)
NP12Q222_012: Claudia Cardinale
Claudia Cardinale (127)
ES_F17_Contact_25: Crossplot with Roger Moore and Claudie Lange
Claudie Lange (6)
TB263: The Beatles
Clayton Hickman (2)
TW_Cannonball Adderley006: Cannonball Adderley
Clea Bradford (1)
L_Contact_010: Various
Cleo Laine (5)
NP02B4_003: Vivien Leigh
Cleopatra (12)
JM_DB041: David Bowie
Cleveland (452)
JM_U2010: U2
Cleveland Music Hall (28)
JM_ALC008: Alice Cooper
Cleveland Public Auditorium (6)
JM_ELO016: Electric Light Orchestra
Cleveland Public Hall (5)
JM_AF001: Aretha Franklin
Cleveland Stadium (33)
NP_PE_CR001: Cliff Richard
Cliff Richard (3)
Cliff Williams (5)
ES_F47_Contact_42: Five Days One Summer
Climbeing (23)
Eastwood_Marvin_Newman_contact_041: Paul Newman and Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood (33)
ES_F38_Contact_02: Clio Goldsmith
Clio Goldsmith (5)
GM_SG_TG_AG_001: Sylvia Griffon, The Groundhogs, Adrian Gurvitz
Clive Brooks (1)
DOR_IM001: Iron Maiden
Clive Burr (1)
MW_SC054: Maurice
Clive Durham (1)
MR_EJ002: Clive Franks
Clive Franks (1)
TOF206: Clive James
Clive James (1)
JDV_TW011: Twenties Twiggy
Cloche (2)
TOFA015: Niki Taylor
Clods (1)
ES_F55_Contact_20: Cloris Leachman in Daisy Miller
Cloris Leachman (3)
JM_AF006: Aretha Franklin
Close-up performing (1)
BW_ITT014: Tina Turner
Close-up: Tina Turner (8)
EC_CREEDENCE_055: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Close ups (21)
ES_F49_Contact_39: Fellini
Clowns (12)
NP05E2_1951_009: Romantic Quality
Clytha Park (3)
MC087: Michael Caine and Candice Bergen
Cnadice Bergen (1)
ES_F37_Contact_18: Iman Abdulmajid
Cnetral Park (13)
DOR_AW002: Amy Winehouse
Coachella (9)
DOR_TN001: The 1975
Coachella 2014 (2)
DOR_BLR002: Blur
Coachella Festival (10)
ES_F7_Contact_02: Clint Eastwood
Coastline (2)
DOR_DD007: Duran Duran
Cobbles (1)
MW_ST047: A woman and her dog
Cocker Spaniel (1)
H_Contact_090: Steve Harley
Cockney Rebel (12)
AS_PE133: Paul Newman
Coco (30)
DK_CC028: Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel (45)
JM_TTH009: Take That
Coin purse (7)
H_Contact_077: William Hurt
Cola (3)
TW_Coleman Hawkins_N26:
Coleman Hawkins (6)
LF_AH027: Audrey Hepburn
Colette (2)
EJ059: Revie's England
Colin Bell (1)
MW_AU008: Arthur Miller with Colin Blakely and Rosemary Harris
Colin Blakely (1)
TOF494: Colin Firth
Colin Firth (1)
S_Contact_079: Various
Colin Salmon (2)
JM_KIS005: Kiss
Coliseum (5)
NP_PE_DT003: Ivana Trump
Collour (1)
DOR_DB043: David Bowie
Colour. portrait (2)
TW_RB004: Ray Brown
Colour Ted Williams (1)
Sinatra_Contact_052: Frank Sinatra
Colour6 (1)
TZ_PN001: Paul Newman
Columbia Pictures (1)
EA_MD001: Marlene Dietrich
Columbia Records (2)
LF_AH042: Audrey as Gigi
Comb (5)
GM_MF_341C: Marianne Faithfull
Come My Way (5)
O_Contact_033: Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders
Comedians (4)
DOR_DB009: David Bowie
Commonwealth Stadium (2)
ES_F9_Contact_03: Nguyen Thi Binh
Communist (5)
MW_ST055: Crufts
Competition (2)
S_Contact_059: Mark Spitz
Competitive (1)
TZ_SJ003: Steve Jobs
Computers (3)
TW_Sonny Rollins: Sonny Rollins
Conact Sheet (2)
DOR_RM002: Roxy Music
Concert For Diana (5)
LF_ST003: The Apollo theatre
Concert hall (1)
TW_Ray Charles001: Soul 60 with Dinah Washington, Ray Charles and Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers, 1960
Concert series (2)
TW_Henry Mancini001: Henry Mancini
Conducting (2)
EC_CREEDENCE_068: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Conert (1)
BW_BG001: Bill Graham
Conference (1)
TW_Clark Terry001: Clark Terry
Connie Kay (1)
ES_F9_Contact_20: Connie Nielson
Connie Neilsen (15)
NP_FA_60s054: Connie Barr
Connir Barr (1)
TW_CEP003: Central Plaza
Conrad Janis (1)
LF_TC001: Black and White Ball
Consuelo Crespi (1)
TW_Jazz Festival_E138: Mexico City Jazz Festival
Contact Dizzy Gillespie (3)
Raquel_Contact_021: Raquel Welch
Contact nude (1)
EJ146: Elton John
Coors Light (1)
TO005: Tatum O'Neal In Yellow
Cord boots (2)
TO005: Tatum O'Neal In Yellow
Cord suit (1)
LF_CSK001: Coretta Scott King
Coretta Scott King (1)
EC_WestBruceLang_003: West, Bruce & Lang
Corky Laing (4)
P_Contact_005: Paramount Pictures Stars
Cornel Wilde (2)
CST002: Coronation Street Ladies
Coronation St (1)
EC_NY002: Neil Young
Corsby Stills & Nash (1)
DK_PN010: Paul Newman
Cosmograph Daytona (2)
MB_PE_JB001: Jimmy Breslin
Costello's (1)
TOFA025: Marit Allen
Costume designer (2)
TOF094: Diana Dors On Bed
Cot (1)
SQ001: Status Quo
Council housing (1)
TW_CB029: The Count Basie Orchestra
Count Basie Orchestra (7)
MW_AU025: Jenny Fabian
Counter culture (16)
LF_TC001: Black and White Ball
Countess (1)
TB229: Harrison At Friar Park
Country house (1)
EC_CJ001: Monterey Pop Festival
Country Joe and the Fish (1)
BW_SQ016: San Quentin concert for Bread & Roses
Country Joe & The Fish (1)
MW_ST054: Streets of Soho, 1950s
Courage (1)
EC_DALTONDUBARRI_031: Dalton + Dubarri
Cover art (2)
EC_MarkBenno_001: Mark Benno
Cover artwork (1)
BW_TW044: Pete Townshend
Cow Palace (9)
JM_ELH001: Emmylou Harris
Cowbow hat (3)
JHU006: Loner Huston
Cowboy costume (1)
DOR_DB029: David Bowie
Cracked Actor (5)
D_Contact_008: Various
Craig Dyke (1)
B_Contact_155: Bros
Craig Logan (2)
EA_MM019: Marilyn Monroe and John Huston
Craps (1)
TZ_JL005: John Lennon
Crawdaddy magazine (7)
EC_EC006: Eric Clapton and Ron Wood
Cream (13)
AMD002: Andie MacDowell
Cream jacket (1)
NP05E2_1950_012A: Enid Boulting
Creed (3)
BW_CCR012: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Creedence Clearwater Revival (90)
GB_PE010: Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo (2)
R_Contact_020: Cristina Raines
Cristina Raines (3)
TS024: Soup For Stamp
Crockery (1)
GH007: Goldie Hawn
Crop top (1)
JM_CSN001: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Crosby (1)
TOM207: Crosby Stills Nash and Young
Crosby Stills Nash and Young (2)
TOP022: Alexander Thynn Marquess Of Bath
Crossbows (1)
GM_JE_348C: Jackie Edwards
Crossed legs (2)
GB_PE019: The Queen
Crown Jewels (1)
MW_ST045: Crufts
Crufts (2)
BW_BSF005: Big Sur Folk Festival
Crutch (1)
JM_CSN001: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
CSN&Y (1)
TW_Geo Benson: George Benson
CTI Records (1)
JM_CUL003: Boy George
Culture Club (6)
TOA033: Ishiguro's Cuppa
Cuppa (1)
TOM123: Curiosity Killed The Cat
Curiosity Killed The Cat (1)
BW_WS114: Woodstock Music & Art Fair
Currant (1)
GM_Funkapolitan_BillyFury_001: Fun Boy Three and Billy Fury
Cutout (2)
TS024: Soup For Stamp
Cuttleries (1)
JM_BON016: Bon Jovi
Cuyahoga Falls (18)
ES_F55_Contact_01: Cybill Shepherd and Peter Bogdanovich
Cybill Shepherd (63)
C_Contact_021: Cyd Charisse
Cyd Charisse (2)
TOC038: Richard Desmond
Cymbals (2)
BW_GR080: Cynthia Plaster
Cynthia (7)
TB112: John Lennon
Cynthia Lennon (6)
NP04D4_1938_002: Harrods Salon and Dorville Ad
Cynthia Monteih (2)
TOC047: Cynthia Payne
Cynthia Payne (1)
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